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Find your LGBTQIA+ people Find your LGBTQIA+ people

Visit Sacramento

Find Your LGBTQIA+ People

No matter who you are, you'll find your people in Sacramento No matter who you are, you'll find your people in Sacramento

No matter who you are, you'll find your people in Sacramento

Party people. Funny people. Artsy people. Adventurous people. Foodie people. Whoever your people are, there's one place you'll find them all: Sacramento.

In the capital city of California, LGBTQ+ people from all walks, runs, and struts of life come together to create one diverse, welcoming community where anyone and everyone belongs. Sacramento is more than just a place with exciting things to do and beautiful sights to see. It's a place with inspiration to spark, friends to meet, and priceless memories to make.

Because when you find your people, you find yourself, too. But don't just take our word for it. Come see it for yourself!

See How We Sac

See How We Sac

You'll laugh. You'll think. You'll find your people.

Where my party people at? Trick question. They're your party people, and they're waiting just over the rainbow crosswalk.

If drawing a drag queen or winning big with a queer sports league are on your bucket list, you've gotta Visit Sac.

Here's your ticket to a city where you can find creativity, cuisine, and compassion…always with a flair for the dramatic, of course.

Sip your perfect pour, hike in the sunshine, or make history in the Capitol building. Whatever you do, do it your (gay) way.

Meet Our People

Meet Our People

What makes our city a place like no other for queer people? What does it mean to be unapologetic? What's the one thing every LGBTQ+ traveler must try in Sacramento? Hear these answers and more from our city's LGBTQ+ leaders, visionaries, entertainers, movers, and shakers.

Lady Camden

Unapologetically Social

Lady Camden recommends: Revolution Winery

This social hotspot is one of approximately 200 wineries and vineyards in and around Sacramento.

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Melissa Muganzo

Unapologetically Theatrical

Melissa recommends: Fixins Soul Kitchen

Former NBA All-Star and Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson and his wife, Michelle, founded this full-service restaurant, where comfort food and casual dining are infused with the spirit and flavors of African American culture.

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Adwoa Akyianu

Unapologetically Glam

Adwoa recommends: First Fridays in Oak Park

Every month, live music, food trucks, local art, and more transform the Oak Park corridor into a vibrant community festival.

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Samuel Jones

Unapologetically Sporty

Samuel recommends: Golden 1 Center

Home of the Sacramento Kings—for sports, concerts, and community events. Or the Old Sacramento Waterfront for shops, restaurants, museums, and Gold Rush-era history.

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Lauren Pulido

Unapologetically Transgender

Lauren recommends: A Seat at the Table Books

This queer-owned bookstore aims to “smash the kyriarchy,” the social system that perpetuates intersecting forms of privilege and oppression.

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Mari Dominguez and Chy Anzaldua

Unapologetically Queer-owned

Mari and Chy recommend: Les Tattoos

With its casual atmosphere of empowerment and support, this queer- and Latin-owned small business shatters the expectations of a traditional tattoo shop.

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Collin Lourenco

Unapologetically Fabulous

Collin recommends: Sacramento Pride March & Festival

These Pride Weekend events bring out the community for show-stopping entertainment, delicious cuisine, and an activism-driven march to the State Capitol.

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Steve Hansen

Unapologetically Political

Steve recommends: Solomon's

a queer- and woman-owned sandwich shop that combines traditional Jewish delicatessen fare with the flavors of international street food.

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Andrella Jones-Thomas

Unapologetically Adventurous

Andrella recommends: Levee Path Walking Trail

Outdoor enthusiasts can take on more than 2 dozen hiking trails in and around Sacramento.

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Tina Reynolds

Unapologetically Creative

Tina recommends: Capital Stage

A non-profit theater company that entertains with seven stage productions every year, along with concerts, holiday shows, special events, and workshops.

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Celine Callejon

Unapologetically Spicy

Celine recommends: Midtown Farmer's Market

At this open-air market, more than 200 vendors sell fresh goods, food, and produce sourced from the nation's Farm-to-Fork capital.

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Hayden Glenn

Unapologetically Fit

Hayden recommends: Queers & Allies Fitness

The first gym of its kind in Sacramento, Queers & Allies Fitness offers specialized training programs for queer people to level up their physical and mental wellness.

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Fred Palmer

Unapologetically Visible

Fred recommends: Mango's

An upscale nightclub with multiple dance floors, live music, an outdoor patio, and monthly Drag Queen Bingo hosted by the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce!

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